Title : Madness : Counter Strike 2
Map : cs_italy

I want to make this for MD13, but i think its to late.
So, I make this one for MD14, you know MD14 is still long.
I make this one before MD14 its because,
I can make more CS video for MD14.

I'll Reanimating and Retexturing CS Characters
And next map is cs_office or de_aztec

Thanks :D

October,17th 2013

Madness : Counter Strike 2 [Almost Done]

New Project

2013-09-26 06:11:03 by Rick15

Title : Madness Counter Strike 2
Progress : 20%

I will make a different version about madness counter strike that i have already make the first version.
someone say that my animation is bad. but, i dont care, i just like to make a movie, just that.

And a map in my new madness CS is cs_italy
Please wait ok ;)


New Project

Im Back

2013-09-18 06:19:02 by Rick15

Hello Madness !!!

Long time not making a movie... so I'm trying to make a new movie, and I remember about madness and i want to make another Madness movie again.
And I have make a new character...

But, I forgot, Sept 22 is Madness Day
So, maybe I will not be in MD 2013, It because if I make a new movie today, I will be late.

Ok, just that...

If you want to know me more, here's my FB account :
Rizky Fadhilah Hasibuan

Im Back

Greapers Changing His Account ?

2012-08-15 19:41:45 by Rick15

Greapers Changing His Account
And This is His New Account Shaddam Amru

He change his account because he want make an account with good name, like Gabriel Barsch , Rapheus , Jackson Siegel , And more.
But, he not find a good name for his new account.
So, he use his name for his new account

Ok, I'm Done Here

Greapers Changing His Account ?

Madness Movie

2012-07-27 18:35:02 by Rick15

Please Watch and Review My Madness Movie:
Madness: Counter Strike

And Don't Forget To Rate it
Thanks :D